Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hospital Visits

So I know my Consultant warned me that this was going to be a long hard pregnancy but the last couple of weeks have definitely been hard. 

When I was having Brandon everything went smoothly until I got to 28 weeks and then everything started going downhill. 

This time it's been  harder earlier. For a start there's all the medication plus 6 injections a day (although I can say I'm used to those now).  I'm nearly 43 years old and I already have a demanding (but wonderful) pre-schooler to look after. Plus there's the 7 months of morning sickness so far. 

To top it all off I ended up going to hospital on Friday morning (21/06) at 4.30 due to really bad pains in my side. When I got there they found protein and blood in my urine so they sent a sample off to the lab. By the Thursday after I was in terrible pain again but I already had an appt for the Friday so they could check my urine again as the lab had only found " mixed growth" and not a specific infection. After making it through Thursday night feeling really ill and sick with the pain they saw me as the first patient on Friday.  This time my Consultant prescribed Cephalexin (antibiotics) for what they think is a kidney infection and Co-codamol 30/500 in case of any more episodes of pain. Fingers crossed the antibiotics will work. 

This Friday (yes that's 3 weeks in a row) I'm back for a growth scan, a check on my amniotic fluid and general consultant and diabetic team check. 

In spite of all this I know that in around 10 weeks time it will all be worth it :)


  1. I just found your blog again! I lost track of your posts and was delighted to spot a tweet today and reacquaint myself! I'm so happy that you are expecting a little bundle of joy in September! I know it's not been easy getting to this point, but as you say, it'll all be worth it in the end. You look after yourself and hopefully you'll be feeling much better soon. x

  2. Sounds like such tough going but you're right it will be worth it. You much get so sick of all the appointments though, hope it starts to improve x

  3. Honey how are you? Too too long since you have blogged xx


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