Monday, 27 May 2013

Mumkind Pregnancy Nutrition Products Review

We had a lovely day out on Sunday at The Baby Show (NEC Birmingham). While we were there I got to meet the lovely people from Mumkind who kindly gave me some of their products to try.

Being pregnant and diabetic is very difficult as I have to be careful about absolutely everything I eat, and how it's going to affect my blood sugar.

As one of my mid morning snacks I often have a breakfast bar to stave off the dreaded hypo's* which happen if I don't have enough to eat between breakfast and lunch.

As part of their range Mumkind have 2 types of Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars. One is half coated in chocolate and the other is a refreshing fruity berry, which is half covered in yoghurt. Both of them are very tasty. Brandon particularly liked the yoghurt one which he ate and then asked for more :) (note to self - eat in secret lol). As an added bonus, as well as tasting lovely they have 25%RDA of all the nutrients that are essential during pregnancy. The bars have round about 20g of carbs, which is perfect for a diabetic snack (usually around 20-30g carbs for me).

The other product I really wanted to try was the water enhancer, Water Our Way. Since being pregnant all hot drinks make me feel sick so I've been sticking to mainly water with the occasional diet/caffeine free fizzy drink. After 5months water does get slightly boring, so the sound of a berry flavouring that's calorie free and carb free sounded perfect. Add a couple of drops to water and you have a nice refreshing drink plus it has a mix of B vitamins to help fight tiredness and fatigue. The flavouring comes in a handy little bottle, perfect for popping into your handbag when you're out.

Mumkind also do a wide range of other pregnancy nutrition products, which you can see and purchase on the Mumkind website.

Overall I've been very pleased with the products I was given to try and I don't remember seeing any other products like this that are made specifically for pregnant ladies.

Go take a look and try out some of their products. Its much healthier than munching on a chocolate bar :)

*when blood sugar goes dangerously low

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