Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pre School & Potty training.

So my little baby started pre-school this week. When we put his name down it seemed so far away, but the time has just flown by. Cue panicking from me for the last two weeks about how he (I ) would cope.

I potty/toilet/whateveryouliketocallit trained him before he started as I just really didn't fancy anyone else changing his nappy.

Now I'd tried a couple of times before but he obviously just wasn't ready. I know some people say that once you start not to give up, but I really couldn't see the point when he wasn't interested. Plus I've done this twice before so I knew he'd get it eventually.

This time when I decided to try again I told him that big boys that go to school don't wear nappies, and he got it this time in a day. Literally. I didn't keep asking him if he wanted to go to the toilet, as this just annoyed him. In the end I put on track suit bottoms or something loose that he could pull up and down himself and he'd just use the potty when he wanted to.

The only setback we had was when we put pull-ups on him for a day when we went out. The next day he didn't want to wear pants again, so we've never used them again. He's also dry at nap times and through the night, which has really pleased me.

So back to pre-school. I've only got him in for 2 days a week, 9-11.30, which I think is enough to start off with. Plus the fact that 2 hours a day walking is absolutely killing me lol.

Tuesday was his first day. We walked and he was happy holding my hand and counting all the lorries, buses, cars etc that went past. He also says "good morning" to everyone that walks by. That makes me laugh, he's like a little old man.

I took him in, showed him his coat peg and he was off. No crying. No goodbye mummy. Just gone.

When I picked him up they told me he'd had a brilliant time. He'd even had toast at snack time, something he rarely eats at home. He's one of the youngest there, as most don't start until after they're 3, and the teachers said they can't believe how he's just settled in.

I didn't think it would be a problem, but the only time he's ever been looked after by anyone else it's been his big brothers, and that's usually just a couple of hours while I go to the hospital (such an exciting life). But he's settled in like he's been going there forever.

Aww my baby is growing up.


  1. Ah, my youngest is an August baby & started pre-school last week too. She sounds nowhere near as grown up though!

    1. I bet she's loving it. Brandon is more grown up because he's like an only child really. That's why I wanted him to go and make some friends. He spends all his time around adults x


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