Tuesday, 18 September 2012

One Day...

I'll have good news to post, but not yet. I've been avoiding here, like I always do when I get bad news. If I don't write it down, then it hasn't happened (obviously).

So here goes. I had another pre-conception appointmet with the diabetic consultant on Friday (14/09), and as usual it wasn't good news.

My HBA1c had gone up from last time and that's with the Metformin. He said "right, let's start on insulin". I just said no. I think it was just a reaction lol, but the look on his face made me laugh. He said that "you'll have to go on insulin when you get pregnant anyway", but as I pointed out, I'm not pregnant now! If I thought it was for the best I would have agreed, but I would like to try a bit harder first before I start with more injections. He said to start taking 4 Metformin instead of 2 and I need to be stricter with my diet and exercise. I said I would try very hard, and I will.

I thought my blood sugars (when I prick my fingers myself) weren't too bad but he said for pre-conception it needs to be really tight control, as good as someone who isn't diabetic, whereas I thought it was good diabetic control.

Sooooooo I have another 8 weeks to kick my ass into gear and get these blood sugars as perfect as I can before I have to start injecting insulin. He said to check 4 times a day, and if the control is good we can start trying (to get pregnant) again in 8 weeks.

Also had a blood test for my hypothyroidism to see if he needs to tweak that medication.

My next appointment isnt until 4/01/13 (unless my diabetic control is good and I get pregnant before that).

You never know. Fingers crossed.

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